Spellbound - Hamburg

Shelter Club - Hamburg

Soul Stew - Hamburg - München

Soul Magic - Leipzig

Soul in Dresden

Soulshakers - Bamberg

Uptight-Allnighter - Frankfurt am Main

Uptight-Club - Dortmund

Marva Holiday

Right Combination - Italy

Alamod - Paris (France)

Seven of Clubs - Paris (France)

Styrian Soul Supply - Wien

The Soul on the Net

The Night Owl - Northern Soul

Club 100 Allnighters and more

Our Northern Souls

Soul Survivors

Soul Review

Soultime - Melbourne (Australia)

Northern Soul Night Shift (Australia)

Soul in Queensland (Australia)

Internet Soul Archive

Funky Soul Web

Blues and Soul Music Primer

The Old Soul Music Home Page

The R&B Page

A finnish Soul Page

Solid Hit Soul


Northern Nell's Page

UK Northern Page

Now for something completely different:

Puresoul Records



Felicite Records


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